In order to make more room for a large content expansion, photography has been moved to its own page (oddly enough named Photography), with all other graphics getting separated out to the Graphics page. Other new additions include the beginning of a videos section and a couple of new website shells that are now past implementation. Some of these items will be restricted, so if you need to get access to them please contact via the web link to the left with a request. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the rest of the new stuff scattered around the site.

Things have been very busy and updates have been unfortunately few. If you are looking for something new, some new photography has been added to the Images portion of the website, namely some photography I did at the Japanese tea gardens in San Francisco and also a number of macro shots. They all make great desktops if you are so inclined.

Another busy busy few months around this neck of the woods, which also means not much updating around the site. A couple new websites have been added (they had to be redacted in a couple spots) to the website archive, and some new desktop work to the imagery section. The last one is Mandala Fuse. The new websites are analogues for much more complete/interactive counterparts that were developed for the day job. In other news one of the big projects of the winter, the tricking out of a ford focus, is now complete. A few dozen hours and about 400 feet of wiring later, the car has a 1200w/dual 12-inch Infinity sound system, flames, neon, and a lot of extra bling. Check out a picture of the project here, or an even bigger desktop version available in the Imagery section.

Much to the dismay of many, winter is winding up and a cold chill is firmly settled in. Some new media has been added to the site, to include a couple new images, Wait and The Calculus, (desktop sized versions available in Imagery) as well as another 'jazzy' musical track over in Music. Check them all out if you have the chance! In other news, on consideration for the near horizon is a video section... so we shall see how that pans out in the end. Those of you with the address, feel free to email me with any ideas/opinions regarding that one.

The digital age makes possible some great and wonderous capabilities, doesnt it? The login section has been updated (big whoop for those of you without login access I know). Those authorized users can now both access and administer the video security system. It's good for keeping tabs on things from remote locations. Additions on the near horizon will include electrical system control, log review, and computer activity review/ remote conectivity.

Things are apparently coming together quite well and, after developing the site framework, I've begun deploying the content. Additions include media in all of the major sections, so poke around and have a look. If your looking for a quickie door prize, give this song download a try... fresh out of iPods and big screen TVs to give away. As always, stay tuned as more will be added relatively frequently, (code for: when I feel like it) especially as the way-back machine is dug into and everything is hung out here in the interweb.

Sifting through my various Internet haunts the other week, I realized how far and thin I have managed to spread out on the internet. It’s a new phenomenon I suppose, but certainly something in need of a remedy. So, rather than sift through the scattered electrons of my digital self, its all being brought into one long-term home. By looking around you'll quickly find a lot of different things done over time, from music to websites. I look forward to making his place a great (if not eclectic) corner of the Internet to enjoy. If you have some great ideas or comments about something, send them this way. In the meantime, like always, this is a work in progress with all sorts of updates to come.